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Buy acai berry here. To get the benefits of acai it is important to use the highest quality organic products. We believe the products listed on this page are among the best acai products available anywhere in the world. Remember, you can order online from this page or place your
order by phone.

Buy with confidence.
No automatic shipments – No phony free offers –
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Just the best acai products.

1) 100% Pure Perfect Acai (our #1 Pick)

Perfect Acai - 100% Organic Freeze Dried Acai

Perfect Acai - Pure Organic Acai Berry Freeze-Dried Powder


2) Amazon Thunder

Amazon Thunder: Pure Organic Acai Nutraceuticals.

How We Choose Our Recommended Acai Products

Each of the products we offer contains authentic acai.

There are many acai berry products available on the market. It stands to reason that with acai products, just as with any other product, there are the good and the bad. But all products featured on this website are the real thing. They are all authentic acai and contain only the highest quality organic acai berry. There are a number of ways to differentiate authentic acai products from the imposters.

Throughout this website, we discuss, in detail, how to tell the difference.
Here is a synopsis.

Find out which ingredients are contained in the acai berry product.

We prefer products that contain only acai and nothing else. This should be easy to determine because companies should proudly display exactly what is contained in their product on their websites. But most companies do not do this. It is likely that all products labeled as "acai products" probably contain acai in one form or another, but the amount of acai is probably going to vary greatly from one product to another. In fact, some may contain only small amounts of acai, and others will contain only extracts. Our favorite product, which is featured on this website, Perfect Acai, contains only pure organic freeze dried acaiberry and nothing else. You can see the acai ingredients label for this excellent product on this site. The ingredients label shows that Perfect Acai is absolutely pure and contains only 100% organic acai and no additives or fillers, whatsoever.

Buy Acai

Why buy acai berry? Simply stated it is one of the most nutritious foods on the plant. But it is important to buy acai correctly. And what we mean by that is consumers should make sure they are getting the highest potency and highest quality acai available. The first step is to be sure to read the acai ingredients labels before making a purchase.

Buy Acai Berry

When you buy acai berry you always want to make sure you are buying the real thing, not a health food imposter. Once again, always be sure to read the ingredient labels first. Most of the acai products on the market are not pure acai and are not organic. Watch out for the following red flag when you are shopping to "buy acai berry". If a product does not disclose an ingredients label or if the ingredients label indicates that the product contains a proprietary blend or proprietary formula, stay away and look for something else. There should be no secrets regarding any product that you are going to ingest. If you don't know what's in it, don't put it in your body!

Acai Berries

Acai berries are great but proprietary blends are not so great, in our opinion. The evidence is in and most nutritional consultants agree about the value of this fruit. Acai berries are extraordinary because of their extremely high nutritional properties. At least one world famous nutritional expert refers to acai berries as a super-food. So who wants a blend? Not us! Proprietary or not proprietary…a blend is a blend (or a mixture) of other ingredients. We think it only makes sense to get the most pure, organic products. Just say no to blends!

Best Acai Berry

Yes. We think the best acai berry is pure organic freeze-dried acai berry in capsules (or jars if you prefer). Make sure when you "buy acai" that you buy pure organic acai with NO additional ingredients. Always read the labels to make sure you are getting the "best acai berry". We have displayed the label for our #1 acia product, Perfect Acai, on this site. Read the Perfect Acai label here and compare it to other products. We think the decision will be easy.

Freeze Dried Acai vs. Acai Berry Juice?

Some forms of acai berries are better than others. We like freeze dried acai best. This is because different forms of acai berry have different levels of potency. Learn more by going to the page on this site that explains why we think freeze-dried acai is the best choice; we think you will agree. There are some good acai juices, but juices usually do not provide the best nutritional "bang for your buck" compared with the freeze dried form. In addition, most acai juices are usually blends of many different ingredients besides the acai. See this acai berry news release that we put out back in 2008.

Fresh acai berries lose potency fast, but not freeze dried acai. The whole point to adding acai berries to your diet, whether you live in Brazil and can get it fresh or like most of us you live outside of Brazil and can't get it fresh, is to obtain a product with the best nutritional value. Maintaining the nutritional value of acai is critical. Otherwise, you are just wasting your money. We believe that if folks are going to use the very special purple berry called acai, they must make sure that they are getting a product that has the highest potential nutritional value possible. So, it only makes sense to make certain you are buying the absolute very best acai available, so that you get the maximum nutritional value possible and get the best acai value for your hard-earned dollars.

In our view, Acaiberry is the best berry!

There is a lot more information on this site including a few very important pages on how to spot acai berry products to avoid and why to avoid them, which we know consumers will find very helpful. So please take the time to review the information on this site. And when you do, we know you will be a much better informed buyer… and that makes for a happy, long-term customer and a satisfying, straightforward relationship.

Quick Comment on Free Acai Berry Offers

We were the forerunners on this issue before most anyone became aware of these rackets. We have repeatedly warned consumers that free offers are usually an invitation to trouble. So please read our warnings on this website and on our blog. In addition to our detailed warnings about free offer scams (by the way, these scams involves many products in addition to acai berry), always remember that any company that would market their products using "free offers" that are really just auto-shipment/automatic billing schemes are certainly not going to send high quality products. It just doesn’t add up.

Please browse this site for more consumer-friendly information…
Happy and healthy shopping!

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