Acai Berries from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil may be "the World's Most Perfect Food"...

but the true benefits are found only in authentic pure Acai Berry products.

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The popularity of acai berries skyrocketed a few years ago and the interest in this rare Brazilian fruit spread like a raging fire. The high level interest started when it became known from that the level of nutrition and, especially, antioxidants contained in "acai berries" is extremely high and potentially extremely beneficial to a humans' nutritional profile. Then overly aggressive, unscrupulous internet marketers jumped onto the story and morphed actual compelling facts about acai into something ridiculous. The fruit was misrepresented as a miracle cure-all for an assortment of various ailments but mostly as a miracle weight loss potion. They presented acai berries as something that would enable folks to simply take acai supplements and do nothing else but watch the excess pounds disappear. And, to add insult to injury the unscrupulous marketers combined this hype with bogus free offer scams that were far from free and were really auto-shipment scams which we warned about from the very beginning on this site, our blogs and in our press releases.

un-ripened acai berries in Brazilian rainforest

But beneath all the hype and controversy lay an exceptionally nutritious fruit with many benefits. The problem was that few folks were using products that could provide the purported benefits since most people were buying grossly inferior products which were sent as part of the phony free offer deals. Or people drank juices which contained very little in the way of pure acai berries.

Our goal is to separate fact from fiction and help consumers easily identify nutritionally rich, authentic acai berry.

To Get Nutritional Benefits Use Only Authentic Acai

To get the nutritional benefits and antioxidant value of acai you must use the authentic fruit and not an extract or blend. First, the nutritional benefits of the acai berry are in the entire fruit, specifically the acai pulp and the skin, but not in the seed. An extract, by definition, is only part of the fruit. So, why buy a supplement made from an extract... when you can buy a supplement that is 100% pure acai in freeze dried powder form. It only makes sense that freeze dried acai is a much better form of the fruit than extracts. And since fresh acai berries are not available outside of Brazil, freeze dried acai is (1) the next best thing, and (2) is authentic acai but only in freeze dried form. This is explained in detail elsewhere on this website and we encourage you to read it. We explain how the process of freeze drying works and how it completely captures the nutritional integrity of the fruit.

When you buy acai in the most beneficial form such as freeze dried powder you can reap the nutritional benefits. As you will see on these pages the quality and potency of acai berry products will vary greatly from company to company based on a number of important factors. Many inferior products are lacking in nutritional potency and have drastically reduced antioxidant properties. But we believe the information presented here can help folks easily become informed consumers who can then select only very the best acai products.

What is Pure Acai?

Pure acai means no additional ingredients added to the acai product. It also means a product that is of the highest quality. In the case of acai berry products, we mean first and foremost acai berries which have been harvested using the correct practices required in order to preserve the nutritional potency of the fruit. This requires that once the acai berries are picked from the acai palm tree... they must be frozen within 48 hours (prior to freeze drying) because unless this is done the nutritional potency will begin to diminish rapidly. So one way to insure you are getting nutritionally potent acai is to first make sure that the product you are buying uses acai that has been harvested and processed under the supervision of a highly reputable company that does not cut corners.

But getting back to the simple concept of what is pure and what isn't…pure acai can be either freeze dried acai berry powder (made from the skin and pulp of the fruit) or frozen skin and pulp. Both are good.

We prefer organic, fair-traded acai berries. And, we prefer it in powder-form, which is what should be contained in the highest quality capsules.

Buy Pure Acai Berries but Avoid Proprietary Blends

Avoid proprietary blends. To see if a product uses a proprietary blend just look at the label. What the term 'proprietary blend' means is that the company does not want to disclose to the consumer which ingredients are contained in the product. We believe in complete transparency is good in most things but especially when it comes to foods. Mysteries make for good books and films, but not for foods. The use of so-called proprietary blends in acai berry products probably indicates that the product has much less actual acai in it than the company would like to admit. And there is a reason for this. Pure, organic acai is not a cheap ingredient so the less of it a company puts in their product... the higher their profits will be. That's good for the company... but bad for the consumer. The easy way to avoid this trap is to simply read the labels. You will see that every product recommended on this website completely discloses the ingredients with no mysteries. Please read the appropriate sections on this site for more detailed information.

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Acai Powder vs. Acai Juice

When you buy acai berry juice, you are usually buying a blend of many different ingredients. Look at the labels on many of these juice products and you will see many different ingredients such as acai juice, apple juice and so on. So, in these instances, even the acai which is contained in the juice is not pure acai, but an acai juice product…whatever that means. Is this confusing? Yes. Is this pure acai? No!

Acai Juices are usually blends and it is anybody's guess how much actual pure acai, if any, is in the juice product. We say... why fool around with this stuff. The juices may taste good and, frankly, juice blends can be healthy…but when we are seeking the nutritional power of pure acai berry, we want to go straight for the real deal... which is pure, organic freeze-dried acai powder in a capsule or a jar!

Acai Powder in Capsules vs. Jars

Acai powder in jars is good but we think capsules are better. Here's why... Every time freeze dried acai powder is exposed to air, there is some diminishing of its' nutritional potency. The powder in jars is great for use in smoothies or on your morning oatmeal or whatever. But, the acai will remain potent longer when in capsule form because the capsules protect the powder from the air. So although we like freeze dried acai powder in jars and use it ourselves, the best bet are the capsules. If you are going to choose one or the other… it is probably best to choose the capsules. Better yet, get both!

Freeze Dried Acai Berries

The freeze drying of acai berries solves a unique problem. Fresh acai berries begin losing their nutritional potency about 48 hours after harvesting. So shipping them from Brazil to far-away places would be pointless. However, by freeze drying the berries, the nutritional potency remains intact. We write more about this process elsewhere on the website and encourage you to read up on how it works.

Free Acai Berry

Don't waste your time. Put simply, free acai offers are just acai scams. The products are usually (1) worthless, (2) grossly overpriced, (3) not free, and (4) are just auto-shipment scams. We have written extensively about these schemes from the beginning and some of our comments and warnings about free offers can be seen on this website (see the menu for links) as well as on our blogs and press releases. But unfortunately, some people are still falling for these dubious offers. Be sure to read further on this site and blog and we are confident you will never be suckered into any of these bogus offers again. And always remember some of those old clichés we were all told as kids. You don't get something for nothing... There is no free lunch, etc. Of course, it was good advice then and its good advice now.

Read the "Acai Berry Products Blog" for sales, specials, recipes and more!

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